Pursuing Unexplored Targets to halt and reverse fibrotic activity

Mediar is pioneering a new approach to fibrosis treatment that halts the disease at a different source – the myofibroblast, the key pathogenic cell in fibrosis that drives scarring, disease progression, and ultimately organ failure.

New perspective. New targets. Renewed hope.

The myofibroblast is responsible for depositing collagen, extracellular matrix, and maintaining the pro-fibrotic micro-environment in the organ. It is often referred to as the final common pathway in fibrosis and has been a key cell type of interest. A new class of targets known as fibrotic mediators activates myofibroblasts.  By neutralizing these proteins with antibodies, we can disable the myofibroblast, slowing fibrosis and enabling tissue regeneration.

Fibrotic mediators are also measurable in plasma, correlate with disease severity, and could be utilized for future precision approaches to treat patients with fibrosis.

Fearlessly Charting a Different Course Toward Patient Impact

Mediar’s team of industry-leading researchers combines deep fibrosis expertise, antibody engineering knowledge, and translational science proficiency to accelerate clinical proof-of-concept studies. Our clinical team has run Ph-2/Ph-3 studies in several fibrotic diseases, including IPF, liver, and other areas.

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Screengrab from video of lab tech withing in Mediar's lab