Pursuing Unexplored Targets to halt and reverse fibrotic activity

Mediar is pioneering a new approach to fibrosis treatment that halts the disease at a different source – targeting fibrotic mediators that drive disease progression.

New perspective. New targets. Renewed hope.

Targeting fibrotic mediators allows us to select unique points of intervention and novel approaches to address fibrosis.  The use of largely human-based pre-clinical systems allows us to better understand biology, select relevant targets, and increase odds of success in the clinic.  Our portfolio comprises three targets, each of which is measurable in plasma and correlates with disease severity.

Fearlessly Charting a Different Course Toward Patient Impact

Mediar’s team of industry-leading researchers combines deep fibrosis expertise, antibody engineering knowledge, and translational science proficiency to accelerate clinical proof-of-concept studies.

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Screengrab from video of lab tech withing in Mediar's lab