Powering a Much-Needed Paradigm Shift

Fibrosis contributes to 45 percent of deaths in the industrialized world 1 and is among the most complicated chronic pathologies due to an expansive and complex network of interwoven biological pathways.

Current therapeutic approaches mainly focus on the initiators of fibrosis that modulate the underlying immune responses known to drive disease onset.

However, the pursuit of these initiators may disrupt related pro-inflammatory pathways that defend the body against illness and can lead to treatment-limiting safety concerns.

Mediar is focused on targeting fibrotic mediators that drive disease progression and potentially avoid the limitations of current approaches.

1 Friedman et al (2013) Sci. Transl. Med 5:167

Accelerating Meaningful Progress in Fibrosis

Mediar’s approach offers a critical window to tackle later-stage fibrosis, which is among the hardest-to-treat conditions with little to no available therapeutic options. We are currently advancing first-in-class antibodies to address fibrosis in several fibrotic indications including those in lung and liver. Our foundational and robust science supports future expansion opportunities into other indications, which could include renal and cardiac fibrosis.

Our Pipeline

Pipeline showing MTX-001 targeting WISP-1 as completed discovery and preclinical. MTX-002 with an undisclosed target halfway through preclinical. And MTX-003 with an undisclosed target completed discovery.