Video Transcript

[The Mediar logo is displayed. Mediar CEO, Rahul Ballal, PhD speaks as images of people working in a lab and as a team are shown.]

At Mediar, we are pioneering new ways to combat fibrosis by employing new science, precision biomarkers, and building a passionate team, our belief is that fibrosis is inherently reversible and that requires out of the box thinking, teamwork, and most importantly, the belief that science can change the course of disease.

[Mediar CSO, Paul Yaworsky, PhD speaks as he’s standing in a lab and images of people working in the lab are shown.]

Patients are at the heart of everything that we do. Our team is driven to serve patients and their families by discovering and developing innovative therapies for the treatments of fibrotic diseases.

[Mediar CMO, Jeff Bornstein, MD speaks in front of a wall that has the Mediar core values written on it.]

Our values are present in all that we do. With the courage to pursue creative ideas, with inclusivity and integrity, we can advance the science of fibrosis and deliver life-changing medicines to the people who need them.

[AD, Head of HR, Aashna Gupta, SHRM-CP speaks.]

I would describe Mediar’s culture as transparent and engaging.

[VP, Head of Finance, Wendy Kwan, CPA speaks.]

Mediar’s culture is rewarding and innovative.

[The Mediar logo is displayed.]